Saturday, September 24, 2011

Stop Smoking

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Many people die because of cigarette smoking, the combined effects of nicotine and other gases which enter the lungs when smoked, greatly increases the chance of disease. Smoking has been directly linked to lung cancer, heart disease and other major illnesses, as well being dangerous during pregnancy for the mother and unborn child.

The secondary smoking or passive smoking can also put the health of others at risk; this is one of the reasons why smoking in the public places is banned.

Smoking has bad effects on your body because every time you inhale smoke from a cigarette. The small amounts of these chemicals get into your blood through the lungs, which can make you getting lung cancer that will make you really sick for a long time before you die. It makes us smell bad, can gives wrinkles, can stain your teeth, and cause bad breath. Smoking can makes you old.

So, smoking is not really good for your health. Stop smoking before it too late!

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