Tuesday, May 8, 2012

papaya is best aid for constipation problems

Yes, papaya is the best help for constipation problems not only for children, but also to adults because papaya is one of the best foods that assist in digestion. Papaya have basic feed includes; B vitamins, beta carotene (vitamin A), vitamin C, amino acids, calcium, iron, proteolytic enzymes (Papain), arginine, carpain and fibrin.

It is also used as food and medicine. Papaya fruits are usually eaten raw. The green papaya can be cooked, too! Usually Filipino, salad and Curry ingredients used in tinola as well. You can also have papaya shake if desired; of course, you can put condense milk and crushed ice and stir.

Now, you can also buy papaya SOAP on marketplaces and shopping mall or department stores to get that enlighten your skin. Papaya helps to detoxify; it prevents also proper digestion and constipation.

Papaya is a native to the tropics America and first cultivated in Mexico several centuries before the emergence of Mesoamerican classic cultures. They are easy to grow and cheap when locally.

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