Saturday, August 18, 2012

Erectile Dysfunction

The following are home remedies of Erectile Dysfunction:

ü  L Arginine will also be very effective for a man who experience erectile dysfunction. You can take this because it is one of the best herbal tonics.
ü  The sign of arteries, maybe, is the cause of poor circulation. Take filament diet like fruits and vegetables because it flushes the toxin from the body. Gingko is a successful herb for the man who suffers sexual dysfunction. It makes the muscle smooth and enhances the blood flow in the man’s tool.
ü  For curing the erectile dysfunction problems; eat salad along with onions and raw carrots because it provides stamina that helps to cure the erectile dysfunction of a man.
ü  You can also take walnuts and honey in an equal proportion and mix them well. The mixture of walnuts and honey is to be taken half an hour after your daily meals with a glass of milk.
ü  If you suffers from zinc deficit; there are more flat to sexual dysfunction. Zinc is one of the valuable mineral that helps you boost sexual desire and strenght.  You should intake 15-30mg of zinc everyday along with a copper supplement.
ü  If you are stress; it’s time for you to relax and live with a stress-free. You should stop smoking. Eat food that are less of carbohydrates. You should do at least 30 minutes exercise everyday. And avoid taking caffeine.
ü  Lack of Vitamin A is also considered as the cause of erectile dysfunction. You should intake foods rich in Vitamin A because it helps to enhance the erection of a man.


  1. These home remedies are really very effective.I suggested some of them to my friend and he gave the positive review of these suggestions.

  2. I think I'm a bit too young to have these problems.

  3. hmn... kind of a sensitive topic but you're just right in bringing this up :)

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