Sunday, September 9, 2012

Cold Fighter

CHICKEN SOUP because it helps clear your clogged airways. Also, it has been called “Nature’s Penicillin” and has curative powers.

HOT AND SPICY FOOD, you can cook food that contains these ingredients to foods for extra zip because spicy sauces helps ease congestion.

FLUIDS, simply to keep you liquefied.

CITRUS FRUITS, can increase your vitamin C intake. You can drink orange juice, grapefruit and more fruits that contains vitamin C.

VITAMIN C SOURCE; potatoes, green pepper, strawberries and pineapple helps to cure cold. Those are your daily cold-fighting food arsenal because citrus fruits aren’t the only foods with high vitamin C.

GARLIC, act as an antioxidant and it destroy free-radicals, the active oxygen molecules that damage cells. The fragrant bulb contains a flavoring agent that called alliin that acts as a decongestant.

GINGER, it helps to treat the cough and fever. Some people find fresh ginger roots that helps to cure the cough and fever which accompany by colds and flu. You can make a ginger tea.

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