Thursday, September 1, 2011

Signs and Symptoms of Dengue

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Dengue is in fact a dangerous illness.  It is pronounced also as DENG-gay! 
Here are the signs and symptoms: 
1.     It starts with chills, headache, and you feel low backache.
2.     You feel the pain behind your eyes.
3.     Pain of your muscle and joint.
4.     Distinctive retro-orbital pain.
5.     Rashes.
Don't tolerate of the above signs and symptoms. Go to the nearest clinic/hospital to have check by your doctor.

How to avoid this dangerous illness, the following are simple ways to avoid dengue:
1.     Just clean your surroundings.
2.     Apply any insect repellent.
3.     You have to wear long sleeved clothing to avoid the bites of mosquitoes.
4.     Use a mosquito net or "kulambo".
5.     Empty and clean water sources.
Make sure that your house is clean and do not leave accumulated water residues to avoid insects to stay around.

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