Saturday, December 10, 2011

Junk Food Replacements

The following are whole foods replacement for junk foods:

Real fruit Smoothies instead of packet sugared juices: Create your own juice unique to instead of buying juice of packages sweet in the store which is full of sweeteners and artificial dyes. Create your own by mixing and matching different ingredients to have your own recipe secret.
Real fruit Smoothies 
Applesauce instead of pudding: Prepare the applesauce instead because the applesauce has plenty of fiber and it's good for your heart. You can make your own applesauce mixing apples with no sweetening addition.

Dried Cranberries instead of fruit Chews: Eat dried cranberries instead of eating fruit chews because dried cranberries have health benefits; good source of vitamin c and cancer-fighting antioxidants and antibiotic properties.

Dried Cranberries 
Multigrain cracker sandwiches instead of cookies with cream: One serving of Oreo cookies has 200 calories which means its 30 minutes of jogging only from burning. So the better prepared sandwich crackers multigrain muffin with humus, nut butters or a thin slice of cheese.
Multigrain cracker sandwiches 

Dark Chocolate instead of Milk Chocolate Candies: Yes, dark chocolate's bitter taste instead of milk chocolate candies. But you know what; dark chocolate makes it possible for you to satisfy your sweet tooth with fewer processed ingredients.
Dark Chocolate
Granola instead of mixed candies: Just to spice up your granola and dried cranberries with dark chocolate mixed sugar instead of mixed candies. Use brown sugar instead of adding refined sugar. It gives your granola a nice color and it’s healthier.


Stay healthy!


  1. wow i didnt know that you're such a health buff! this is really good for the new year :)

  2. I'm eating half of these things already. But the only other one I'm interested in is apple sauce.